Iowa Epilepsy Advocacy Day is March 7th 2019!  

Part of the mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is advocacy. Advocacy takes many forms in service to our population. We wish to empower every person impacted by epilepsy to self-advocate to whatever level their hearts desire. While we clearly ramp up advocacy efforts during legislative sessions, we advocate for our causes at all times. Involvement in state and national epilepsy-related advocacy groups, grassroots advocacy organization, and Iowa Epilepsy Advocacy Day at state capitol are our main ways of carrying out these efforts.

Join us to educate legislators on epilepsy.  This is a great opportunity to meet with your local legislators who represent you to share your journey of epilepsy and how that impacts your quality of life.  We encourage Individuals, families, caregivers, spouses, friends, professionals and others who are impacted by epilepsy to be in attendance! Parking information for your visit to the capitol is here.

State Funding for Epilepsy Services in Iowa
Strictly Regulated Medical Cannabis
-See the Epilepsy Foundation’s language and support on this issue
Access to Medicaid Services
-Waiver Services
-Access to Treatments and Medications under Medicaid
-Working with school districts to coordinate and ensure that students have timely and safe access to
appropriately trained health professionals
-Long Term Care
-Patient Safety – Medication Switching

To get an even bigger picture, check out National Epilepsy Foundation’s Advocacy Page.
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Stay engaged all year long with your Iowa representatives. Look up your legislator by address.