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Sharing Your Story


Stories are powerful tools we use every day to accomplish a variety of objectives.  As you consider sharing your story with the Epilepsy Foundation, consider your objective. Often, stories are shared to inform, inspire or insist. Insist is simply a harsher word for request. Perhaps, you wish to move someone through advocacy, suggest a change to policy based on your experience, or open someone’s mind to the way you see things. Inform is the freest form of sharing; sharing for the sake of having your story heard and hoping a piece therein lets people know more about what you have to share. Inspiration is another potential power your story might have. Inspiration does not only come from success stories.  Consider your objective as you write your story and it will guide you.

inform inspire insist


The coverage of time within your story will vary. Perhaps, you need to express a long amount f trials to get to the end result with impact. On the contrary, another might only have to tell the detailed sequence of one particular incident to make a resounding point. Your objective will help guide you as to the trajectory and length of your story.


How much you share is up to you. Too many details can hide the overall objective but too few can leave the reader still searching for the point. Find a good balance and share to your comfort level. Shoot for a page and try not to exceed two as a general guide to know you’ve got enough content.

We appreciate your willingness to share and thank you for your submission! Send your 1-2 page story to our office at  For more inspiration, visit the Epilepsy Foundation of America’s page with published testimonials.


Below are some questions to consider that might spark ideas as to what your testimonial might include.

What has Epilepsy taught you?

Has there been an incident in your life that taught you a lesson that may prove a valuable lesson to others?

What hurdles has Epilepsy put in front of you that you have or are working to overcome?

Has there been an amazing person in your life that has impacted your journey with Epilepsy?
(Provider, teacher, caretaker, friend, etcetera.)

Is there something that Epilepsy has control over that you wish to change?

Is there a policy or restriction in your life because of Epilepsy which you’d like people to know more about?