Iowa Seizure Smart Conference

This is our annual statewide family & caregiver epilepsy education conference! We welcome all individuals who are interested in the research, treatments and resources related to epilepsy.  For information on current and former Iowa Seizure Smart Conferences, click here.

Seizure Recognition & First Aid Training

Seizure first aid training is a service provided to multiple audiences at no charge across the state of Iowa.  Many programs available is of high quality and standardized from the National Epilepsy Foundation’s materials. Customized epilepsy education programs are available for a variety of audiences, including:

  • Seizure Recognition, First Aid & Safety
  • Seizure Recognition, First Aid & Treatment Options
  • Managing Students with Seizures: A Training for School Nurses
  • Seizure Training for School Personnel
  • Take Charge of the Storm (Program for Middle School Students)
  • Take Charge of the Facts (Program for High School Students)
  • Variety of books to read to Elementary Students
  • Seizure Training for Childcare Personnel
  • Seniors and Seizures
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Response for EMS
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Response for Law Enforcement

Epilepsy Empowerment Group Meetings

Community-organized meetings for people connected to epilepsy looking to empower themselves through resources and relationships. Please join us! 2019 EEG meeting details are available here!

Epilepsy Education Seminars

We are providing educational evening seminars in Iowa communities with Iowa-based Neurologists as our speakers. This is to reach out to even more families at any point in their epilepsy journey and assess their needs & interest in engagement with the Foundation.  We also wish to connect with providers and caretakers who interact with people with epilepsy on a regular basis.

Epilepsy Education & Literature

We have a variety of epilepsy education materials from our National Epilepsy Foundation office, which we can provide to families, caregivers, professionals and neurology clinics across the state of Iowa.

Epilepsy Education Folders for newly diagnosed

We assemble newly diagnosed epilepsy folders for adults and pediatrics who are newly diagnosed with epilepsy and distribute these in neurology clinics across the state.  We can also mail out the purple newly diagnosed folders to families.  These purple folders are loaded with valuable resources and epilepsy education information.

Individual and Family Support

We receive calls and emails from a variety of persons from across the state with questions regarding challenges associated with their epilepsy.  We can help guide people to resources to help overcome the challenges.  Frequent requests people seek help for are regarding disability, employment, transportation, housing, IEP and 504 School Plans, medication assistance programs, locating comprehensive epilepsy centers, seizure detection devices, service dogs, information on seizure types, as well as seizure first aid training requests and much more.

Information & Referral

Individuals who call in the National Epilepsy & Seizures 24/7 Helpline can request to be contacted by their local affiliate.  For those in Iowa who call in on this line and request local EF contact, staff from EF Iowa will follow up with a phone call regarding local resources and support. We also provide information and referral for those who call in the EF Iowa office, but we do not provide medical advice.

Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew

The Epilepsy Foundation thinks that kids have big hearts and are able to do amazing things. We created the Kids Crew with three areas in mind where we believe you can excel in your journey with epilepsy. The program is free to join and is for kids ages 14 and under of all abilities. If you don’t have epilepsy, we still want you to join. Often, siblings, friends, and relatives of those with epilepsy are the best advocates. We are looking for those who want to learn, spread awareness, and make a difference. And have fun, too!! Click here to learn more and sign up!

Iowa Epilepsy Youth Council

The mission of the Iowa Epilepsy Youth Council is to improve the understanding and awareness of seizures among their peers and educators.  The purpose of the youth council is to educate, empower and to eliminate social stigma.  The youth council is a group of teenagers and young adults who collaborates with the Epilepsy Foundation’s Iowa office to eliminate stigma and uphold the mission of the Epilepsy Foundation through youth oriented projects and programming.

Youth are the future and offer a unique perspective and creativity with new ideas.  Youth with epilepsy often feel isolated, nervous and anxious about having a seizure in school in front of their peers.  Youth respond more readily to other youth which makes it easier to carry out workshops and trainings.  Social gatherings will offer the opportunity for youth to come and share the difficulties they may feel because of their epilepsy in order to increase their self-esteem and to decrease social stigma. The youth will attend health fairs in the state, promoting epilepsy education and awareness and participating in some selected seizure trainings for social service groups and schools.

Free Medical Epilepsy ID Jewelry

The EF Iowa office has received funding to provide free medical epilepsy ID bracelets and necklaces to adults with epilepsy, as well as free medical ID fabric wristbands and shoe tags for children with epilepsy.  (See picture below.)


Youth Epilepsy Camps

Two camps are held in the summer for youth in and around Iowa.  CamPossible was held June 2nd – 8th, 2019 in New Liberty, Iowa.  CampYouCan was held June 6th – 9th, 2019 in Gretna, Nebraska.  Check back for 2020 camp updates!

The Epilepsy Foundation’s Iowa office has funding available for Iowa youth with a seizure disorder who would like to attend an epilepsy camp of their choice.  Available funding is equal to the cost of the camp up to a maximum of $200.  An application for this funding will be made available closer to camp season. The EF Iowa Camp Scholarship Committee review applications and advise you if your child is a recipient of a camp scholarship. The actual funding is dependent on showing proof of acceptance to the epilepsy camp.