#NEAM2019 Let’s #UseOurBrains to #EndEpilepsy

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month! Visit our National Epilepsy Awareness Month page and EndEpilepsy.org to learn what you can do to help!  Let’s #UseOurBrains to #EndEpilepsy! What are you planning to do to #ShareAwareness?  Let us know!

Get involved to make a difference!

Dispel the myths of epilepsy by sharing epilepsy facts!

Give the gift of time – Volunteer!

Make a donation!

Create a team to raise funds for one of the Walk to End Epilepsy events!

Hold a Do It Yourself (DIY) fundraiser!

Hold a Lemonade for Livy event in your community!

Hold a Purple Pumpkin Project event in your community!

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Sign up for to receive advocacy alerts to take action on state and federal issues that impact epilepsy.

Let’s Use Our Brains to END EPILEPSY PSA