Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy webinar with Stephanie Borst.  Click here to view. 

A Review of diet therapies for epilepsy. The program will cover the basics of each diet and how to safely monitor patients on these diets.
• Ketogenic Diet
• Modified Atkins Diet
• Low Glycemic Index Treatment (LGIT)
• General Diet for Epilepsy


2016 University of Iowa Epilepsy Symposium. Click here to view a podcast of this symposium.


  • What is a Level 4 Epilepsy Center and what is it’s role?
  • Treatment of refractory Epilepsy: Options for seizure control
  • Selection & evaluation of patients for surgical treatment
  • Epilepsy surgery in pediatric and adult patients
  • Research in epilepsy at the University of Iowa
  • SUDEP: Risk factors and prevention
  • SUDEP: Animal models used to study mechanisms
  • Effect of Seizures on breathing
  • Medical marijuana & cannabidiol for treatment of epilepsy


  • Mark Granner, MD. Department of Neurology
  • Rup Sainju, MBBS. Department of Neurology
  • Gena Ghearing, MD. Department of Neurology
  • George Richerson, MD, PhD. Department of Neurology
  • Brian Gehlbach, MD. Department of Internal Medicine
  • Gordon Buchanan, MD, PhD. Department of Neurology
  • Brian Dlouhy, MD. Department of Neurosurgery
  • Michael Ciliberto, MD. Department of Pediatrics